Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUUM, Katherine Lee  26 Sep 1969Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P56262
2 DOTY, Agnes Ann  28 Oct 1927Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P50003
3 DOTY, Charlene Viola  17 Apr 1931Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P62
4 DOTY, Charles Ralph  09 Dec 1937Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P38869
5 DOTY, Dale Robert  10 Jan 1961Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P27769
6 DOTY, Dorothy Mary  21 May 1906Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P23342
7 DOTY, George David  07 Oct 1904Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P23344
8 DOTY, Justin Arthur Earl  20 Feb 1981Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P26479
9 DOTY, Marguerite  04 Jan 1924Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P50811
10 DOTY, Raymond G.  12 Oct 1922Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P50814
11 ERICKSON, Pamela Ann  13 Aug 1943Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P50011
12 FLESHMAN, Viola Margaret  03 Feb 1901Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P67
13 GAUL, Suzanne  01 Jun 1961Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P38865
14 GROETHE, David Lewis  08 Nov 1963Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P34649
15 GROETHE, Glenn Manford II  20 Feb 1962Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P34650
16 GROETHE, Jo Alice  12 Feb 1961Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P34648
17 GROETHE, Kimberly Kay  04 Dec 1959Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P34647
18 JOHNSON, Adele Rae  27 Jul 1942Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P56259
19 JOHNSON, Doris  02 Jan 1899Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P36394
20 JOHNSON, James Stuart  Jan 1941Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P57468
21 PATNOE, Richard Lee  26 May 1941Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P80949
22 STREHLOW, Vickie Lorraine  24 Feb 1953Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P12280


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOTY, Arthur I.  24 Jul 1985Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P15372
2 DOTY, Harriet Marie  29 Mar 1943Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P46667
3 DOTY, Lewis Ray  27 Aug 1981Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P46662
4 FLESHMAN, Viola Margaret  26 Jan 1990Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P67
5 MAGENOT, Clara  05 Dec 1975Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P50009
6 SPARKS, Lola June  13 Sep 1958Hawarden, Sioux Co., IA P38971