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The Ethan Allen Doty Story


The Dedication

The Doty-Doten Family in America (1,056 pages) is a remarkable and invaluable genealogy, compiled and self-published by a single, amateur genealogist, Ethan Allen Doty (1837-1915) – after 25 years of research, the old-fashioned way. Click here for Ethan’s personal description of this monumental undertaking.

Peter B. Hill, the compiler of its successor, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Edward Doty (1996/2000), had this to say about the creator of this foundational work:






Compiler of

The Doty-Doten Family in America


He compiled a genealogy of the Doty family that has,

With only minor exceptions, proved to be accurate after

Being subjected to a century of intense scrutiny.

It has proved to be a valuable road map for keeping

Track of the movements of Edward Doty’s

Restless descendants.

The present work would be a far poorer and less

Complete book without his contribution.


Who was this man who laid the foundation for Edward Doty’s genealogy?

Ethan Allen Doty (1837-1915)



Ethan’s Life

Click here for the full story of Ethan’s life. Also, here is Ethan’s obituary, as it appeared in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on 11 Mar 1915. Note the following:

  • The Edison Electric Illuminating Company was the precursor of Consolidated Edison.
  • Seth Low was the Mayor of Brooklyn, the President of Columbia University, and the Mayor of the newly-consolidated City of New York.
  • George Edmunds, a U.S. Senator from Vermont, was a candidate in 1880 and 1884 for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.


His passing also was noted in the Apr 1915 issue of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record.