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Notable Descendants


Reality TV shows like “Who Do You Think You Are” follow celebrities as they discover their ancestry – sometimes including notable people of the past. Working in the opposite direction, here are some notable descendants of Edward Doty.

Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933)


Famous Doty Kin


Here are a some Doty kin – in no particular order – who became famous, prominent or notorious.. Go to Wikipedia for their stories.

Name Dates Generation Life
John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. 1872-1933 10th Gen. Governor of Massachusetts; 30th President of the United States
Eliphalet Remington 1793-1861 ? Inventor; Founder of Remington Arms Co.
James Duane Doty 1799-1865 7th Gen. Territorial Governor of Wisconsin; Congressman
James Warren 1726-1808



4th Gen. Paymaster General of Continental Army
James Otis, Sr. 1702-1778



4th Gen. Attorney General of Massachusetts Province
James Otis, Jr. 1725-1783



5th Gen. Revolutionary War Patriot
Samuel Allyn Oits



1740-1814 5th Gen. Revolutionary War Patriot; Secretary of U.S. Senate
Mercy Otis Warren 1728-1814 5th Gen. Revolutionary


War Propagandist

Harrison Gray Otis 1765-1848 6th Gen. Federalist Party Leader; U.S. Senator; Mayor of Boston
Sile (Silas) Doty 1801-1876 7th Gen. Outlaw




Do you know of any other famous Doty kin? If Wikipedia lists his/her story, then we’d like to list him/her here.


Doty Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen

Doty kin have served in the military from the founding of our country: Samuel Doty, Edward’s son, served as a lieutenant in the Piscataway (NJ) Militia Company. Here are those in Edward’s Tree whom we have identified as soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

[Under Construction]


Doty Ministers

Many Doty kin became preachers in their day. Here are those in Edward’s Tree whom we have identified as “men of the cloth”.

[Under Construction]


Doty Places in America

The following places in America are named “Doty” (although we don’t know which, if any, are named after Edward’s descendants). Do you know anything about them?

  • Doty County, Minnesota – former name of St. Louis County (Duluth)
  • Doty, Michigan – named after Marcus A Doty
  • Doty, Nebraska – post office from 1881-1902
  • Doty, Oklahoma
  • Doty, Washington – named after C.A. Doty, sawmill operator
  • Doty Hills, Washington
  • Doty, Wisconsin
  • Doty Island, Wisconsin – named after James Duane Doty (see above)