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Volunteers Needed!

The Society is an all-volunteer organization. If you would like to participate in a leadership role, then don’t be shy. This is not an exclusive club, and we could use all of the help that we can get.


Board of Trustees & Officers

The Society is governed by a Board of Trustees. Any current Member may serve on the Board. The Board is comprised of six Members, elected by the membership of the Society present at the Triennial Meeting; plus, three Members appointed by the Governor. The term of office is three years, usually, from Triennial Meeting to Triennial Meeting. Past Governors also may serve on the Board, ex officio. Please contact our Governor directly at, if you are willing to serve.

The Board, in turn, elects Officers from among its number: Governor, Deputy Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Historian, and three Officers at Large (usually, serving as the Co-Webmaster, Membership Chair, and Newsletter Editor.) Board members may hold more than one office.

The current Board officers – all of whose terms expire in Sep 2023 – are:





Office Holder ST Office Holder ST
Governor Jeff Given IL Webmaster Jeff Given IL
Deputy Governor Amy Malone MA Co-Webmaster Dana Doten VA
Secretary Rose Reiman MN Membership Chair Jeff Given IL
Treasurer Rose Reiman MN Newsletter Editor Scott Doty  
Historian Kenneth Whittemore CA Facebook Chairs Teresa Jazo
Jeff Given






Any member may serve on a Committee. The Board establishes Committees, as the need arises.

The most prominent Committee – still in formation – is the Lineage Committee, chaired by the Historian. The purpose of this Committee is to develop further Edward Doty’s Tree. We would like to assign one or more Members to oversee each of Edward’s eight surviving branches.


Past Governors




Dolores Shellum (2008-2014) James Berg (1994-1995)
Benjamin Doten (2004-2008) Ray Bloom (1991-1993)
Peg Stephens (2003-2004) Alfred Shepperd (1989-1990)
Timothy Morse (2000-2002) John Baird (1988)
Edward G. Doty (1996-1999) Mary Lee Merrill, Founder (1982-1987)