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For Prospective Members

Why Join?

You will need to be a member to have access to the information in our Family Trees. 

Our Members support the objectives of the Society, including the further development of Edward’s Tree.

PEDS is an all-volunteer organization. We hope that when you join us, you will contribute your knowledge to our endeavor. With your help, we can make this site the best OPEN SOURCE of information about the Doty Family in America on the Internet.

As a benefit of membership, Members enjoy additional access to this site and to the Trees. This includes, among other things, the privilege 1) to request that their Doty lineage be added or updated, 2) to run and print a variety of tables, charts and reports from the Trees, and 3) and to upload media files.

Also, our Members are invited to register for FREE access to our Ancestry tree, and to contribute to the development of that tree, too. Finally, they have access to our Membership Directory, which includes the Doty lineage, if any, of each of our Members. Will you find an unknown cousin there?

Have you hit a brick wall in researching your Doty lineage? Do you need documentation for a Mayflower Society membership application? Maybe one of your cousins can help. Tell us your problem, and we’ll post it in our “Most Wanted” column. That’s what family is for.

How to Join

To become an Adult Member or a Junior Member (through age 18)CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP.  As of 2019 dues are $10 annually. Dues will automatically renew on the anniversary of the date you joined.

Freewill donations are greatly appreciated so we may continue the research of Edward Doty and to perpetuate his name.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Share Your Doty Lineage

If you are a descendant of Edward Doty, then after you join, please be sure to complete and submit your online Member Lineage Instructions & Form. The new and updated Lineage Forms of our Members are a major contribution to developing the Family Tree.