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About The Trees


These Family Trees are a project of the Pilgrim Edward Doty Society. Guests to this site enjoy complimentary, read-only access to all of the information in these Trees. 

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Edward Doty Tree

Welcome to the Family Tree of Edward Doty (ca.1600 – 1655), a passenger on the Mayflower and an original settler of Plymouth Colony. This Tree has been compiled by the Pilgrim Edward Doty Society (“PEDS”), and it reflects the collective knowledge of hundreds of PEDS members over more than three decades. We hope that it will help you to discover and to enjoy your Doty lineage.

PEDS is a family society, not a lineage society. This means that – unlike the Mayflower Society, for example – we do not require people to establish their lineages before joining us. However, we do ask Members to contribute their individual Doty family trees – as best as they know them – to this collaborative project.

BY AND LARGE, THIS COMBINED FAMILY TREE IS NOT AUTHORITATIVE. Instead, think of it as a source of good leads for your further research. Typically, we accept Member trees as submitted – there are exceptions! . Some Members – serious genealogists – submit trees that are replete with source citations. This enables other researchers to re-trace their work. Other Members – more casual about genealogy – submit trees that are based on not much more than family lore.


Reverend Francis Doughty 

There are several Doty-Doten-Doughty lineages in America, and that of our Edward Doty is only one of them. Another historically prominent – but UNRELATED – Doty was Reverend Francis Doughty (1616 – ca.1670). He arrived in Plymouth Colony in about 1639, settling in the then-new town of Taunton, part of the Colony. Later, he migrated to Long Island, and eventually, to the Virginias. Perhaps because of his Plymouth connection, many of his descendants, it seems, mistakenly believe that they are descended from Edward.