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If you are a descendant of Edward Doty, then when you renew, please be sure to update and submit your online Member Lineage Instructions & Form. The new and updated Lineage Forms of our Members are a major contribution to developing the Family Tree.                                                                                  (Joe – Please hyperlink this form and is it possible to make the form so you can fill it out online and send it to our Historian after it is filled out?)   If so, that is what we want.


Donate – Sixth Generation Project Fund

In cooperation with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, we have undertaken to develop the Sixth Generation of descendants from Edward Doty. (See Mayflower Families Through F       give Generations at Doty Genealogies.) The purpose of the Project Fund is to help to underwrite the cost of genealogical research to accomplish this goal. Please contribute here, as you are able.

(Joe – Please hyperlink this(here) to this:  Please send your donations to: DONNA MASANIAI, PO BOX 202, PAHALA, HI 96777-0202



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